Take off to Tantramar by

Take off to Tantramar by

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Chocolate River Publishing  | Riverview, NB

Camelia Airheart is back! This time she and her brother, McCurdy, are off on an adventure to the Tantramar Wetlands in search of leg “bling” like her Aunt Tillie’s. As usual, Camelia is easily distracted and must follow her brother’s goose butt. At the wetlands, she meets Drake, a rapping mallard duck, who helps her while her brother has an adventure of his own. All of these characters are brought to life by Odette Barr’s intricate illustrations. The book will be available on both hard and softcover. Allons à Tantramar is the French translation. The book won the 2017 Alice Kitts Memorial Picture book award. Praise for Takeoff to Tantramar A picture book that combines wordplay, a rambunctious sense of humor, geography, and downright fun with joyful illustrations that underscore and enhance the text. Readers who find Camellia will love her and be waiting to see what’s around the next bend. —Judge’s comments Alice Kitts Memorial Award

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