Rose Quartz Plant Magic Double Air plant Holder

Rose Quartz Plant Magic Double Air plant Holder

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Creatively Rooted | Riverview, NB

Experience Plant Magic in your space with Living Plant Art. This one of a kinda large Rose Quartz is intentionally hand-wrapped with gold-colored copper wire into a naturally unique air plant holder. Airplants are easy to care for and the perfect plant for a beginner or seasoned plant parent. Creatively Rooted creates designs that allow for proper watering and can be adapted to grow with the air plant (vs. the traditional glue used for most air plants and holders). For more Airplant care tips, please visit A bit more about the magic of Rose Quartz: it is considered the stone of universal love and emotional healing. Rose Quartz is known to help open and purify the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing, and feelings of peace. With so many shades of pink, it has the most amazing high-vibe love energy.  *Airplants sold separately, $5 each.

Creatively Rooted sources its raw materials from NB/Canadian small businesses first. The crystals, gemstones, air plants, sands, and vessels for the DIY Terrariums are all sourced from local NB businesses. 

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