Love Spell Victoria Secrets Dub!

Love Spell Victoria Secrets Dub!

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Savonnerie des chutes | Grand Falls, NB

Hand made soap. Coconut oil, Shea butter, olive oil and more. More and more people are opting for cleaner, eco-friendly skincare options. We want to know and control what we are putting on our bodies. Skin is our largest organ and everything that touches it gets filtered through our liver. Almost all or most of homemade soap ingredients can be read in one breath, and you'll know exactly how the product is sourced, how it is made, and what you are absorbing. Homemade soap consists of base oils, butters, lye, and additives that are usually from a natural source. Almost any natural additive can be added to homemade soap to treat various skin conditions and complaints while reducing un-necessary chemical intake, resulting in beautiful skin.

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