Hybrid Shave Brush "Winter Vapor"

Hybrid Shave Brush "Winter Vapor"

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Maritime Brush Co. | Wilsons Beach, NB

This item is handmade using Black Cherry Burl live edge and hand mixed and poured Resin. I have added White mica to give it a very nice shimmer within the resin and it looks similar to Vapor on the Ocean in the winter. Hand polished and finished in high gloss. This Burl has been stabilized with resin so that the wood is rot resistant and will last a very long time with proper care. There is no dye in the Burl wood, it is all natural color with beautiful swirls and voids.

The knot (Brush) is a 24mm Premium Silvertip Badger brush set 18mm deep which will give a very nice loft of 50mm. This will ensure the knot is very soft with enough backbone to get a good lather. Silvertip Badger knots are very high quality and believed by most to be the best knot out there. Knots are set to 18mm deep which will give 50mm loft height.

Badger Options are: 1. Premium Silvertip Badger 24mm - Believed to be the finest knot on the market. Soft but excellent backbone. 2. SHD Gelousy Gel Tip Finest Badger 24mm - Highly sought after providing consistent hooked gel tips. Synthetic option are: 1. Tuxedo 24mm - Firm, stylish and unique. 2. SynBad 24mm - Mid, slightly softer than Tuxedo. 3. Cashmere 24mm - Softest, has enough backbone to provide a great lather. I offer free shipping.

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