Herbal First Aid Kit

Herbal First Aid Kit

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Village Sage Herbals | Jacksontown, NB

Herbal Aid Kit is a 6 remedy kit designed for natural first aid on the go. Its compact size means it is easy to carry and fits into all areas of your life - school locker, office desk drawer, medicine cabinet, or even your backpack. INCLUDES: 0.5 oz Nature's ReLeaf - for muscle aches, joint pain, and tension headaches.  0.5 oz Black Drawing Salve - to 'draw out' slivers, pimples, insect bites, and boils.  0.5 oz Happy Boo Boo Salve - an antimicrobial salve for bites, cuts, burns, and scrapes that discourages infection while encouraging healthy skin growth.  5 ml Itch Ease Please - essential oil roller to ease itch and inflammation of bug bites. 5 ml Nausea No More - essential oil roller to ease nausea from motion sickness or upset stomach. 3 Chamomile tea bags - for anxiety, upset stomach, or to use as an eyewash. Bandages.  Instruction sheet.

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