Calsilica Jasper Boho Earrings

Calsilica Jasper Boho Earrings

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Fierce Lynx Designs | Saint John, NB

Handmade Calsilica Jasper Earrings

Calsilica Jasper is a gorgeous mix of brilliant turquoise-blue and earthy browns, making it the perfect choice for these bold handmade earrings. I chose an inch wide round filigree chandelier piece as the central element to these earrings. Each boho-style earing has 14 3mm Calsilica Jasper beads dangling from the central circle. In the center of the ring is a single 6mm Sea Blue Quartz marbled with Bronzite. These handmade earrings make a BIG statement and are sure to draw attention. The best part is each pair is unique, so you'll never have to share the spotlight!


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