S.O.S. Bébé Ointment

S.O.S. Bébé Ointment

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Madia Botanica | Madran, NB

27 g | Fragrance-Free, All Natural

This versatile ointment helps treat, relieve and prevent rash on your baby's sensitive skin!  

Try it and I promise you won't regret it!!

This product is fragrance-free/non-toxic, perfume-free, essential oils free and unscented (light aroma). One of the best solutions on the market to protect you and your baby's sensitive and reactive skin from having allergic reactions. 

Ingredients: Plantain and calendula macerated in certified organic hemp oil, beeswax, certified organic sunflower seed oil,  camelina oil & New Brunswick clay

 ****Certified organic and freshly harvested by hand****

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