Small Retail Toolkit

Small Retail Toolkit

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Excellence NB | Moncton, NB

Get ready for tourist season!  Excellence NB has created small starter retail toolkits to proudly showcase your products or retail space.  Our limited Spring sale is at the low price of $15.00; 50% off the regular price. Or create your customized kits in our store.

1- Double-sided Door Sticker for your door or windows.

1 - Shelf Talker on an easel to proudly display your local products anywhere.

5 - Shelf Cards stand-alone to promote Proudly Local.

5 - Writable Cards can be used to display your price, product sale, identify new products

15 - Proudly Local product tags can be used to display price, ingredients, materials, etc.

15 - Proudly Local 2” card can be hung off shelves or used in a similar fashion to the product tags.

24 - Proudly Local stickers are perfect for bags, boxes, displays, signs, etc.

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