Exfoliating Lip Balm

Exfoliating Lip Balm

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Eclair Lips | Dieppe, NB

Isn't it something how a drizzle of strawberry sauce can transform a regular cup of vanilla ice cream into something extraordinary? The fruity sweetness of strawberries blended with rich and creamy vanilla is sure to make this exfoliating lip balm a new favorite for any ice cream lover. But what is an exfoliating lip balm? Is it a scrub? Is it lip balm? It’s both! Our exfoliating lip balm contains delicate sugar crystals that will gently smooth away rough skin from your lips while leaving them deliciously moisturized. Apply the same amount as you would lip balm and gently massage it into your lips. You can wipe it off after a few minutes, but we recommend to keep working until it’s absorbed to get the full benefit of all the oils and butter in our formula. And yes, you can lick off any extra scrubby bits too!

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