Sight Unseen Olive/Powder II

Sight Unseen Olive/Powder II

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Jarea Art Studio | Bocabec, NB

Sight Unseen Olive/Powder II Andrea Mulder-Slater acrylic on canvas 10 1/2" x 12 1/2" x 2" (framed) When I make a painting, I am either looking at something (a landscape, a coffee cup, a house…) or - in the case of my abstracts - I am thinking about a place (the ocean, the forest, the city…). However, the inspiration for the Sight Unseen series came from a very different place. This series began after I woke up to a cascade of images in my mind. I could clearly see row upon row of paintings unlike any I had seen, or painted before. I opened my eyes and at once, the images were gone. I pressed my eyes closed and to my delight, they were still there. I knew I had to paint what I saw. So, I did. And in this way, the Sight Unseen series was born.

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